TotallySpies Pornography Story: Thoughts and Feelings – Chapter Four

TotallySpies Pornography Story: Thoughts and Feelings – Chapter Four

Thoughts and Feelings
By Stephanie

Warning: Will be Sam/David!

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Chapter 4

“Sammy, we’re really happy for you.” Alex gave a quick hug. Sam hugs back, she didn’t expect they would be happy with it; especially Clover. But after Alex moved away, Clover hugged her.

“Sam, we are totally not mad at you for loving him.” Clover said and backed out of the hug.

Sam smiled. Clover and Alex are the world’s best BFF’s.

They talked for awhile until the finale bell rang.


When the final bell for class rang, everyone sat down at their own desks.

After Clover sat behind Sam and Alex beside Clover two people walked in the room; Sam noticed immediately, but it took some time for Clover and Alex to realize David had walked in class with the teacher, Mr. Paxton.

David walked towards them waving and sat down beside Sam and they waved back. David went off writing the notes in his copy book as Sam had done earlier.

Sam took a deep breath to try and relax. Clover and Alex watched Sam closely throughout class.

“Now class I would like you to groups of two to work on the project above.” Mr. Paxton said as he pointed to the board. “Please remember to write everything I have on the board. Also please remember the due date for this project will be this Friday.”

A sudden plan hit Clover. She giggled evilly to herself; Alex looked at Clover like she had lost her mind.

When Sam turned around to ask one of them to be her partner, as Clover suspected, she turned around to Alex.

“Hey Alex, wanna be partners?” asked Clover, smiling at Alex.

“I guess Clover.” Replied Alex and she started to write down the notes on the board.

“Who am I going to ask to be partners now?” asked Sam glaring at Clover.

“Well you could ask David.” Clover said, smiling wickedly, as she pointed to him. “He doesn’t have any partner yet.”

Sam glared at Clover. I knew telling her was a bad idea. “Fine” Sam turned around so she faced David, who was still writing the notes.

“Umm… David?” asked Sam very lightly. David looked up at her.

“Yeah?” He said, smiling at her.

“Do you want to be partners?” Sam blushed lightly.

“Sure, I’d love to.” He said and smiled again at Sam.

HE’D LOVE TO! Sam smiled brightly and she went back to writing her notes that she hadn’t been able to finish copying.

A few minutes later both Sam and David were finished copying the notes and started to work on what they had to do for the project.

Clover watched the two the whole class period while occasionally helping Alex.

Sam’s acting normal towards him now. They both look comfortable working with one another. Clover thought as she studied them.

Sam told David something while reading something from her book and David did what she said with a small smile glance at her as she continued to read the notes and occasionally telling David to do something or another.

I have to somehow get them together while they work together on this icky project. Clover planed.

How she was to do that was not known to her yet.

“CLOVER! Help me!” cried Alex as she read something she just didn’t get. Clover quickly looked over what Alex didn’t get and helped her.

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