TotallySpies Pornography Story: My True Feelings for Sam – Chapter Three

TotallySpies Pornography Story: My True Feelings for Sam – Chapter Three

Copyright 2004 Totally Spies

Sorry about the delay you guys and gals. Ive been doing my chapters on my
sisters computer because my laptop computers internet doesnt work.
Anyway, heres the final chapter. Ill try to get to know Sam better (see
if I have anything in common with her.)

Sammy, above you! Look out!

Sam: (looks up, then gasps) Oh no.

(I run and push Sam out of the way, but the ice queen perfume slips
out of her pocket causing it to spray, but it somehow, freezes the powder.)

Whew!! Dont even tell me how close that was.

(Sam gets back on her feet, walks over to me, sits on her knees, then
puts a comforting arm around my shoulder.)

Sam: Thanks, Mathew. That was so brave of you.

Oh it was nothing, Sam. (I start to blush.)

Sam: Nothing? Would you consider this nothing? (She kisses my on my

Well, almost nothing, and thanks, Sam. That was so sweet of you to
kiss me. Whaddya say you and I get together after the mission to see if
you and I have anything in common.

Sam: Thats a great idea, Mathew. We can meet in my hot tub, and
maybe we can have a sleepover. Promise?


(We both extend our little fingers to keep that promise, then get up
to look at the powder.)

What the? The ice queen perfume froze the powder?

Sam: Hey youre right, Mathew. Im surprised it actually froze the
powder. Come on, we gotta find Clover and Alex and tell them about it.
Hopefully theyre not broken up.

I hope not too. Lets get going!

(Sam and I run side-by-side to find Clover and Alex.)

So, how far away do you think they are, Sam?

Hopefully not too far, and well deal with the intruder later.

(On the way, I trip and fall to the ground.)

Sam: Mathew! Mathew, are you okay?

I think so, but I think I knocked the wind and speed out of myself.

(I try to run, but I run a lot slower than Sam.)

Sam: Let me help you. (She takes my hand and continues running.)
Maybe that oughtta get your speed back.

I hope so, too.

(Sam finds Clover and Alex after about 2 hours of running.)

Sam: Girls am I glad we found you.

Clover: Sammy, why are you holding Mathews hand? This isnt the
time to be making love.

Sam: Were not, Clover. He tripped and fell, knocking out the wind
and speed in himself. He likes me like he loves me and I like him too. I
feel like I should help him out. Now lets find the culprit.

Alex: So, where do we find him?

Sam: Mathew and I saw him, but he didnt tell us why hes doing this.

Clover: So where do we start looking?

Alex: We dont need to look anywhere.

Clover, Sam, and I: Why not, Alex?

Alex: Simple, hes right above my shoulder.

Well, why didnt you tell us earlier, Alex?

Alex: Reality check, Mathew, he just appeared over my shoulder a
second ago

Oh, okay. (sarcastically) I knew that.

Sam: Guys watch out!

(The culprit tries to spread the powder over us, but we dive to
different directions.)

Sam: Girls, use the ice queen perfume to freeze the powder, then
well go after the intruder.

(Alex and Clover use the perfume to spray every attempt of powder
spread until he runs out, then the culprit flies away on his jet pack.
They both finish up and we all activate our jet pack backpacks to go after
the guy who is about 7 seconds ahead of us.)

Sam: I spotted him. Guys, turn left.

(She gets out the ice queen perfume and with my help, me and her
spray the culprits legs and feet.)

Yeah. All right!

Clover: Thisll teach you to mess with other peoples love.

Sam: Now tell us why you did this, bub.

Intruder: Okay okay! When I was a teen, I liked other girls, but
they shut me down and threw me in the garbage can.

Alex: Whatever.

(Jerry and the agents from WOOHP arrive.)

Jerry: Another job well done, spies. Well make sure this guy gets
locked away for eternity.

All 4 of us: Thanks, Jerry.

6:12 p.m. Sams Pool

(Sam and me sitting next to each other.)

Sam: Mathew, other than what you said about yourself in school on Friday,
what else do you want to tell me about yourself?

Well, I don’t care about wrestling, am not ready for a part-time job,
was voted something at a school, love school, and I dont believe in aliens
or curses.

Sam: So do I for everything you said. You know when you mentioned
that you I looked like a princess in my nightgown last night, did you
really mean it?

Of course, Sam. Id never say no to anything that has to do with
love for you. In my eyes youll always look like a princess no matter what
you wear because I judge a girl by 3 unusual things: outfit, attitude, and
hairstyle. Princess Sam, I can see it now.

Sam: (blushing) Do you think I look like a princess right now?

Sammy, of course. What really makes me say you always look like a
princess is your long hair and your smile. (I run my hand slowly and
gently through her smooth red/orange hair.)

Sam: My hair and my smile? Gee, I never thought Id look like a
princess that way.

Now you do. The real reason why is that your hair is so long and
beautiful, and so is your smile. They both make me want to smile too.

(Sam and I hug and kiss each other on our lips, then come out and
head to her bathroom to take our showers, then her room.)

10:03 p.m. Sams room

Hey, Sammy, thanks again for inviting me to your house to get to know
me more and the sleepover, but what about Clover and Alex?

Sam: They were gonna come over tomorrow.

Oh, okay. And by the way, Sam, since you kissed my cheek during the
mission, this is my thanks for kissing me.

(I kiss her on her lips, forehead and nose.)

Sam: Gee, thanks, Mathew. That was sweet of you.

Youre welcome. And remember, Ill keep you and your love inside my
heart. I hope you do the same thing for me.

Sam: Mathew, Im speechless, and Ill be sure to do the same thing
for you. Its getting late. Whaddya say we hit the sack.

Guess youre right, Sam.

(Sam turns off the lights in her bedroom, then climbs into her bed.)

Sam: Sweet dreams, Mathew.

You too, Princess Sam.

(She giggles, blushes, then we softly kiss each other one last time,
then go to sleep.)


(Finally, my second fanfic done and it feels good. Send me some more
reviews and Ill think about throwing in a 3rd story sometime this summer.
So long.)

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