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Totally Spies Porn Story: Axis of Evil Chapter 1

Totally Spies Porn Story: Axis of Evil Chapter 1

Part One

The center of the Earth was a lonely place. Full of white-hot
magma, burning iron, and various metals hotter than the surface of the
sun. It’s amazing how anyone or anything could survive in this
place, but yet someone, or something, did. It wasn’t a bacterium,
or even a virus. All of them were killed in the immense
heat. No, the object that lived at this depth was the epitome of
evil itself.
He has
many names. Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub, the Dark Prince… but
many just prefer to refer to him as, well, Him. It was
him alone, who lived among the burning metals of the center of the
Earth. Days were like minutes to him. He’d been there since
before time, and would remain there long after it was over.
Mankind was his latest game. He’d spend countless years, decades,
centuries, scanning the planet for the perfect weakness, and then he’d
expose it. Another notch in the belt. Until… until THEY
were created. They couldn’t kill him, he knew that. You
can’t kill someone who’s immortal. But they had managed to foil
some of his best plans. So he’d shifted from trying to plague
humanity, to focusing in on the destruction of those three girls.
Power puffs, they called themselves.
For ten years, they’d been frustrating him. Never aging, never
growing a day older. They were mortal, however. They could
be killed, that he was sure of. But nothing on earth had enough
firepower and stamina to do the deed. It had become a game of cat
and mouse. And as much as he hated to admit it, the girls were
tough opponents. But even super hero’s had weaknesses.
Superman had his kryptonite, after all.
Recently, though, his attention had shifted. Sure, the Powerpuff
girls were his number one enemies, but another triad of girls had come
to his attention. The Powerpuff girls merely defended their own
home city. But this new set of teenage girls were foiling his
little side plots all around the globe.
They were almost like a teenage version of the Powerpuff girls
themselves. There was a girl in each group who played the role of
the intelligent leader, the peacemaker, and the short tempered
firecracker. The only difference was, this group of girls were
very, very, very mortal. But why simply kill them when he could
have so much more fun toying with them first?
A new game, he decided. A new game that will rid the earth of
both of these nuisances. A game that could possibly take
decades. But who cared? He wasn’t going anywhere, and this
just might be the end for both the Powerpuff Girls, and for the girls
of WOOHP. He chuckled lightly to himself as he began to put his
plan into motion. “Six blind mice, Six blind mice, see how they
run, see how they SQUIRM!”

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